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Thursday, March 30, 2006

WK4 - Busy in Turtle World

As the title suggests, I've been doing a lot of thinking and not much writing recently, so I'm making up for it at 11pm.

Ideas for the major net art project are flowing around like crazy unrelated.....things. I came to this course primarily seeking knowledge of Flash, so I really want to go in that direction. Nothing teaches you a program like immersing yourself in it as a major assessment (it's how I learnt Photoshop).
With this said, I realise there is distinctly two different ways to go - an animation, or an interactive piece. Well, this was my original perspective, but since then I have realised 'hey, why no both?' (Ed- yes I realise the typo, but it was funny, so I left it. Heh). So yeah, an interactive animation.

Ok backing up a bit... my first thought was an animation. Then Jason mentions 'characters'. It's only until later I realise we are talking about 'characters' as fully fleshed out, voices and personality characters, not just funny looking people I sketch. The look I can do, the personality? Not so sure about.
Although my Photoshop stuff has been kinda cartoonish, I do artistically dominate in a more surreal, sort of humanistic perspective - looking at people in ways that aren't necessarily thought about. Or probably are, just not as often. People's more darker personalities and auras, everyone's got them. So I'm looking at this for content possibility.

With cartoon, it's easy to see a more light-hearted concept. Such is 'Turtle World' - an animation in which a turtle attempts to live amongst the great, malicious and corrupt civilians of a great, polluted and decayed city. He finds bunker in a nice, run down, 30th floor dump of a flat where he attempts to live his life honestly and with untainted politeness. Unsuccessfully.
Similarly, for the tasteless joke on war veterans, I envisioned an ex-medic from some war, from somewhere, adapting back to the city. Uniform and all, including a med pack around his belly and the defribulators (spellcheck?).

These were cool at first, but it's not really me. Since then, and hence my interactive animation thought, I have come up with a new idea. I'm thinking of something more surreal, an interactive exploration of a man's brain as a house. The house has a nice exterior, and at first the rooms seem nice and pretty...but this man has secrets, evil thoughts, desires that await to be explored. So far it's very visionary, I can see it but can't say it. That's surreal though I suppose. I'm really enjoying this idea, and I can see many ways in which Flash can bring these thoughts to fruition.

The last comment I will make is on Flash actually. I have only just started with it, and initially had a lot of grief and confusion. Since Monday's class, plus a quick lesson on animation, I have made leaps and bounds. I am completely confident that I can reach this goal. So I'm gonna go for it.


*Note: I have to give credit where credit is due. This place - is great for tutorials in Flash, especially for animation. The one thing that sucks sort of is that they didn't have any animation tutes for Macromedia Flash MX 2004, but the Flash MX tute did the same job.


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