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Sunday, April 09, 2006

WK6 - Now with 5% more death

After much searching and typing and reading, I present to you my 'semi outline' for the essay...

'Who is the artist, and who is watching him?'

The focus of the essay is to define audience and identity in relation to net art, explore the relationship between author and their audience, then argue the effects the author has through identity on the audience through this medium.
Discussion will include the following: issues of identity (including false and anonymous identity), freedom of expression, net regulation through law, issues of audience (including size and target audience), and also the intimacy between net art content and its audience. The argument will be arranged into a conclusion on the previous discussions.

Possible Sources:

‘Bare Code: Net Art and the Free Software Movement’ by Josephine Berry
On identity in file sharing, eg corporate vs inidividual

‘Identity Swap Database’ by Heath Bunting and Olia Lialina
A net art project (in German?) that allows you to donate your identity or search through the database to find a new one of your own

‘Human, all too Posthuman? Net Art and its Critics’ by Josephine Berry
Discusses the for and against as well as evolution of identity in net art and the unlimited artist potential. Also discusses net art's large audience.

Numerous responses to Berry’s article

‘Defining digital multimedia’ by Ken Jordan
Writing on definition restricting net art, and regulation as part of definition (defends net art as individual expression)

‘New York Judge Prohibits State Regulation of Internet’ by American Civil Liberties Union
Addresses internet regulation by law and the judges reasoning for passing on net regulation (‘more important for business than civil’)

transcript of lecture by David Ross, San Jose State university
a lecture that discusses qualities of net art, including the intimacy of its audience, transformation of audience (size)

8. The guy with the email you can use to send to people using his identity

(Edit: 9. Mouchette, of course!


Now, to further on this, I hope to find some more net art projects that relate to the above topics so that they can be used to exemplify what I might be talking about.

The other thing is our own net art ideas. 4 possibilities... well, one is obviously the animation I have previously discussed - the old man, his mind as a house, then dieing. In Flash.
A second idea is a HTML adaptation - an interactive house that allows you to explore this man's brain, delve deeper into the depths of his evilness at your own discretion.
Now, a third and fourth...
I'm enjoying this idea of a deeper 'evil' that resides in people, whether it be tame thoughts on how much one may despise someone they meet, to the darker thoughts of meditated actions one may consider that goes beyond the regular behaviours of their little world. A way this could be explored to my liking is through some abstract creation, Flash or HTML, where graphics, comments etc that may relate to this inner evil can become links that pull the user deeper and deeper into a self discovery they may begin to fear. Almost like a game of limbo with your mind, how deep can you go.
A fourth, well, I'll return to a distant thought I had at the beginning of this net art madness. When I was first considering Flash and animation, one of the first ideas I had was a turtle moving to the city. Though the animation may be comedic in its appearance as the turtle becomes a target of humiliation, rejected by society in various ways (job rejection/firing, discrimination, or just dealing with daily chores), the content would essentially be exploring how corrupt the 'system' really is by taking a simpler look at how people make it in this world and who are the ones left trodden on and left to rot. The ones who are too innocent, like our turtle, to simply adjust to the ways we live.

Phew. I admire you for making it through this far. Let's see how much more blog you can take! (starting next week of course)

Dane out.


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