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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

WK7 - Flashiness

The 'angry' flash project was relatively easy as I've been tinkering with MX 2004 for the past few weeks now. Maybe I should've extended the concept of it, but I've been trying to dedicate more time to the essay/major work.
Essentially the angry flash asnimation was a smiley face that acted as a button, which when clicked on would trigger a movie. Woot. And success was abound... with a couple of mishaps along the way.

There was frustration abound with the animation, but I will go into that shortly. Essentially the button was created with some shapes and paintbrush in Flash, converted to button, whatever. Then I just created a different image on the 'down' variable within that button, created a new layer with some squiggle on it that sat behind the new angry face, then converted the squiggle to a movie. That movie comprised of just 3 frames of random psychotic squiggles. Although it's easy, it's effective. Which, really, is Flash in a nutshell.

If there's one thing I will say about Flash, and one thing that I and other have mentioned numerous times before, it's the damned things sensitivity. If I'm not clicking somehting enough times to make it do the funky thing I want it to, then I'm pressing it too many times and making it do a funky thing I don't want it to.
The most frustrating thing for me coming from Adobe Photoshop and developing an art style there, is recreating that style in Flash. The main cause of this is the difference in layering between Flash and Photoshop. Photoshop to me is much more versatile - merging layers and seamlessly integrating layers is A LOT more easier. For something that would take me 5 layers in Photoshop, it's taking me 15 in Flash.
The other thing is the look I get from Photoshop compared to Flash. With the vector shapes in Flash, everything is quite absolute (here's hoping you understand what I mean by that...), whereas Photoshop achieves a much more softer animated look which I much prefer.
Because of these reasons I have become very tempted to just create everything in Photoshop and import it into Flash to simply animate certain areas. However, I have persisted with Flash and, although it may not look as nice as my Photoshop stuff, I'm learning from it.

Now, as I missed the tute (with good reason of course), I decided I'd make an attempt at throwing the thing in here somewhere. So here goes - wish me luck! (I still don't understand the workings of a blog...)
(Edit - it seems like is anal retundant, so I am so far unsuccessful in uploading this swf file...grumble,grumble)


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