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Monday, May 29, 2006

WK10 - Marching on

Well, first thing to note is the revamp of the Mouchette essay, which was touched up with things like different colours for hyperlinks and what not. Fized up the one link that didn't work in the sources page which, by chance, was the one link tested during the class presentation.

Second, and most time consuming point is the sound for Flash. Going through the process of using sound in Flash during class made the whole scenario seem less daunting, but low and behold that's not the problem. It's the actual recording part that's hard. If there's one thing I've learnt, it's that I will most likely never be a voice actor.
Ambient sound too is quite difficult to recreate. The mic picks up static if the sound is recorded too far from it, but becomes crazily distorted when recorded slightly too close. Damn temperamental microphones.
With that said, things like doors closing and fire crackling are getting done, or are done (somewhat). Things specifically haiving troubles withy - traffic, crickets chirping, cats....purring, meowing, whatever. The next step in consideration here I suppose is royalty free audio on the net.
One thing that has turned out nicely was rambling on about nothing while sitting about 2 metres away from the mic, recording about 3 or 4 of these sessions, and mixing these layers through Adobe Audition. What resulted was a nice and effective background noise for the retirement home.

Oh yeah, the online performance...well first of all, seems unimpressed with my attempt at making a parody of wikipedia. Seems that the page is too "ugly". Obviously I haven't put the desired amount of time into this article that people would when posting one in wiki, and hence it's quite dodgy. I am also aware though that if I one, want to keep it there and two, want people to reply, I will most likely need to heed uncyclopedia's 'revamping' recommendations.

Last but not least I've been considering sites to create for my online portfolio. At the moment I'm just working on a banner, the overall style of the site is yet to be determined. Gots to be cool, can't settle for something lame. This is, after all, where people will most likely be looking to see how creative or talented I may be in various fields. Don't want to dissapoint!


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