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Monday, May 29, 2006

WK11/12 - Patent Nonsense

Well, according to, Sdrawkcabbing is patent nonsense. After wiki's first feeble attempt to take down my article, I simply reposted the damn thing. I think they got themselves a new record in response to! Last time it had to be at least a few hours, however this time I refreshed the page after about 10 minutes. And boom, 'patent nonsense'. Good news though - uncyclopedia doesn't seem too unhappy after all with my article. They still think it's ugly, but they don't mess with it. It just sits there now, being ugly. Without response too...which is most likely from lack of spreading the word of sdrawkcabbing amongst various forums. To be completely honest, my attention to the portfolio website and the flash project have dominated my time recently, and amongst all that the online performance was literally forgotten about until recent. I really want to get something with more substance than wiki or uncyclopedia articles, something that I can possibly continue after the course. Other classmates' ideas have inspired me to do so, as they arequite funny and entertaining. Particularly the protectiveness of these forum frequenters. Hehe.

With that comment on the portfolio site I'll take my queue here. I have scrapped html completely, on all levels now for both my major project and now my portfolio website which is now a flashsite. Yes, everything is flashy now.
It began with a completely new banner that was flash based so that the links could be animated. Successfully - gif sucks balls, and shall never be used for animation again. Viva la flash.
Anyways, it turned out really well. The initial idea was to have the content html based though, but it sucked no matter what I tried. The best I could get was using tables, but even then it looked quite clunky and uncreative. With exception of the banner. So I decided to focus on what made the banner so successful and implement it across the site. And hence the flashsite.
This choice has very much been for the better. What I'm working on now is something far more creative and interesting than html. Although a lot of it could easily be html based, the size alone of the flash file (so far only 89kb, inlcuding thumbs of pics) makes it an easy choice over html. I am aware that this means updating is a little harder, but updates will only really be necessary every 6 months, so that's not really such a big problem.

Lastly I might mention my flash project. Sound is still horribly painful to record successfully, but it's one step at a time. I added some extra animation to my earlier, establishing shots within the retirement hme, but the thing still looks lame. I'm going to keep to the idea of leaving it that way to make the difference between reality and memory more obvious. It may seem like the easy way out, but I consider it to be the more creative way out. It really wouldn't take that long to recreate the retirement home with a better look, but it will blur that line between reality and memory more. Which isn't a good thing.
Also, the traffic track I created by blending car and truck audio tracks from royalty free websites is quite effective. Just thought I'd let you know...

I might take this moment to comment on how extremely helpful this course has been for me. Although I'm still going into film, I am still very eager to maintain work in the multimedia field of work. Hopefully even take on my own small business to create small projects for others. Or even start up my own mutimedia site with animations, or cartoon strip. Possibilities are still stirring around, but this course has left those open. Before it was something I had one day hoped to do, but today it is a possiblity. Learning flash and upping my knowledge on dreamweaver means, for me, a world of creaive opportunity. And it's great.


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