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Friday, May 12, 2006

WK8 - Performing the Sdrawkcabbing

Well, since I couldn't make it to the lecture this week, I'm hoping - no, assuming that what I've done is correct. Although, to label what I've done as correct is pretty backwards altogether. Ha, pun!

To create something that all peoples would embrace in, interwebbingly, the first thing that came to my not-so-funny brain was a language. 'Sdrawkcabbing'. If your real quick you would have figured it out already. Essentially its writing backwards, and I'm sure it's been done before. I just gave it a name. Or, quite possibly, a new name.

Seeing as I have no idea what all these online encyclopeadia, uncyclopedia, wikipedia - WHATEVER are, I hit the first on the list, wiki. Happily, I typed up my description of Sdrawkcabbing, hinted as to how others could engage in the description by adding random sentences using the language through excercises which increase your adaptability to using it. It was literally 30 minutes later (if that), that I had a reply. Needless to say, they felt it was "neologism" and had it deleted.

Since then I have made an even better topic on the subject of Sdrawkcabbing on which i believe can be found here. So far it's still a new born baby, untainted by random members of the interweb, but I plan to spread the word of Sdrawkcabbing and get all friends and family to experience this joy I have created. Hopefully it will spawn into the massive success I envision for it.

I hate to cut things to a stop here, but to tell you the truth there wasn't much hassle in it. Maybe I'll be returning here on a later date to add an edit on how successful the term has become, how the beast has evolved. Until then...


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