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Friday, May 12, 2006

WK9 - Old men and other hassles

Yes that is correct, this old man is driving me nuts. And not because I'm having difficulty or don't want to do it - quite the opposite. I can't find time to do it! All this other crap I got, including some lame essay (kidding, essay is highly educational) are driving me nuts. All these inspirations are swelling in my head but I don't have the time to bring them to life. Well, in any case, I will outline the high's and low's that this animation has brought me thus far...

Firstly, I have noticed a HUGE improvement in my own ability to draw within Flash. This was the first and biggest obstacle I had come across using Flash, as mentioned numerous times in past posts. Initially I couldn't really draw anything because the layers were driving me insane. Secondly, when I figured it out to an acceptable point, my drawings were quite basic, uninteresting, etc. Looking at those drawings though as they progressed from scene to scene, its easy to see a definite improvement from one to the other, a very significant difference. I've said before how much I expected Flash to be like Photoshop, and in retrospect it is. There's layers, same basic tools etc. Flash is just picky about what it wants you to do with it, and wants you to do everything on new layers. It likes layers. The more the merrier, and the more easier it is on me the user.

I am glad though that that hurdle has come and gone, because now the nitty gritty of artistic expression lays ahead for a bulldozing path of scene and environment creation. This is something that will be begun and not stopped until sometime in the far future. Hopefully I can get through all the scenes and give myself the basic spine of the animation so I can then go back through and lay in new animations, interactivity, sounds etc.

At the moment I am very happy with the way the animation is looking. Even though the first scene or two does appear quite sterile compared to the cartoonish appearance of the later scenes, I'm gonna keep it that way. Although kind of corny, it maintains that element of reality jumping into surrealism, imagination, and memory.

Just to wrap it up, I did want to make mention of the essay. Now that I have completed the written part of it, I have to admit I disagree with my own argument. But that's between you and me. Analysing something like this lets you learn about different sides of the argument, gives a more open opinion about things that one may have been closed minded to or unaware of. Such is the case with me and net art. I have respected, loved it even at times, but that Mouchette site did creep me out when considering the possible visitors the site could have been getting. I still maintain my opinion that the site may be somewhat dangerous to minors, and that restricting access to the forums on age would definately be an option. I do not however agree that the internet or especially not net art should have some sort of regulation. I think for those who are reading this, they would understand that this opinion is held by myself and net artists for obvious reasons that I won't divulge in. But I was once blind, and now I can see. Needless to say, I finished the essay. Now for the animation.



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