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Sunday, June 11, 2006

WK13/14 - Finale

Yes as I am writing this it is all at an end. The animation finished, the portfolio site finished. Phew.

There were many changes and moments of frustration with both assessment items since my last post, so many that I doubt I will cover them all here. But I'll do my best...

First off were the memory logs in the animation. I just couldn't record a realistic sounding 'old person' voice. So the alternative was to spread little books, similar to diary entries, scattered all over the house. The viewer can hover over them, and a close up of the book addressing a particular memory will be displayed. And voila, that was finished.

The online performance...Sdrawkcabbing just fell through, both from my inability to find a place that even wanted it, and also my efforts in writing a decent article on my probably not so original idea. So, hence 'Breezey' was born.
'Breezey' basically follows the idea of an ongoing animation. I started a short flash animation in which an old man sitting on a park bench experiences a sudden gust of wind, shortly followed by a flying object. Here the animation pauses, right before said object impacts, and allows the viewer to see the same animation with a different flying object. After this, they are lead to m forum post in which they are suggested to vote on which outcome they want. When there are enough votes, I will extend the animation with the outcome voted on, and then present a further three possible outcomes that happen shortly thereafter in the animation. Phew again. So far so good too, hopefully the votes will keep on coming in - don't really want to extend the animation based on votes...

The flashsite was erm...not so fun, but more time consuming. Here I thought a flashsite would be cool and not take too much time. Well, I was wrong to say the least, but I guess it still does look cool. Maybe to people who haven't been staring at it for the last week.

The one last thing I can think of that I really learnt was sound in Flash. It is quite urgently vital to run any audio file with Flash's mp3 compression in order to keep the filesize of the swf file down. The other thing with audio is that damned Adobe Audition. For many hours I attempted to rectify a problem that kept reaccurring with the audio clips - some 'silent' seconds of audio added to the beginnings and ends of every clip I was making. Little did I know that this problem was actually occuring with Audition, a problem that I never solved. Instead I worked my way around the deal by simply saving each audio clip in wav instead of mp3. Worked like a charm.

Well that's the last 2 weeks in a overly small nutshell. On the most part here I am simply repeating the process notes in my flashsite. So if you are still here, reading this, chances are you are very keen to know me, or you are marking me. Either way, I'm flattered, so go ahead and learn more at

for the last time...



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